“All schools should invest in the KaSoDance scheme of work.

It has transformed our teaching of dance from methodical and mediocre to meaningful and magnificent. Our children are confident and engaged.

Our staff are confident and enthused. Our leaders are confident and envious - nobody wants to miss out on our dance lessons now!
This scheme of work is a complete package to reinvigorate the teaching of dance across KS2”

Emily Hair, Deputy Headteacher - Buckingham Park

"Such a unique approach to delivering dance in our curriculum. It is so easy to follow and to use. It removes the all worries for the non dancing teacher.

A must have in all Primary Schools"

Katy Kelly, School Games Organiser - The Mandeville School

Lesley Arnott, Staff Governor & Sports Manager - Cuddington & Dinton Primary School

"I was so impressed with the content and the means of delivery and can see how it will improve dance outcomes in the long term at our school. The team at KaSoDance are vibrant, passionate and great to work with.

Our TA's will now be able to teach dance with our teachers too."


What is the S.O.W?

This complete online S.O.W. for KS1 & 2 guarantees to save teachers, no matter what experience of dance teaching they have, the hours it can take to plan and deliver effective and engaging classes, whilst ensuring sustainable improvement in the outcome of children's dance.

The Units cover a spectrum of styles and stimuli which have been designed to engage and inspire both boys and girls of all experience and ability.


Each of the 18 carefully constructed Units reference the PE National Curriculum and include:

  • A concise Unit Overview for quick reference

  • A Dance Framework

  • A Glossary of Dance Terms

  • 6 Individual Lesson Plans

  • Teacher Training Videos and Videos for class (children can simply follow!)

  • Student resources such as quizzes, video clips and organised tasks

  • Teacher supporting materials including music recommendations and inset videos

  • Assessment Criteria

The Lesson Plans themselves make Learning Objectives and Lesson Outcomes explicit and include Main Tasks, Starter and Plenary Ideas, Differentiation and Assessment Opportunities; all designed to enrich pupils' experience of dance and make the teaching process STRAIGHTFORWARD and enjoyable for the non dance-specialist as well as those more comfortable with dance.


Get To Know Us

What really makes KaSoDance and the SOW great is our committed, experienced and professional team.
We’re dedicated to offering a superior product and superior customer service. It is our goal to be readily available to you wonderful teachers as much as humanly and organisationally possible.


Kate Everitt

Kate is the author of the Schemes of Work and her extensive  experience in both Primary and Secondary education informs KaSo’s teaching and learning ethos. She is responsible for ensuring that KaSoDance and parent company KaSoStudios are perpetually delivering exceptional quality teaching and products to our vast array of wonderful clients.

Kate is a qualified secondary school dance teacher and previously Head of Department. Her passion for dance and theatre started aged 5 and she has studied a wide range of techniques to draw upon from advanced level including Ballet, (ISTD and RAD syllabi) Tap, Jazz (ISTD) to Contemporary and Latin Dance.


She diversified at university and completed a degree in drama and has since spent more than 15 years in education, during which time she has turned around departments in inner city London Schools by improving A Level and GCSE results and revolutionising teaching practices. 


You are in very safe hands with Kate as she's adept at juggling umpteen jobs from being mum to a lively 3 year old, running an array of after school dance clubs and KaSo fitness classes, to being the Principal of the ever expanding KaSoDance Juniors.


Sophie Garland

Sophie looks after the organisational side of the SOW and her passion for all things dance started age 3, embracing Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz and Greek. She trained intensively with the Birmingham Royal Ballet and in schools in both London and Buckinghamshire. Sophie achieved a first class honours degree in Dance Studies from the University of Surrey, Roehampton.

A keen choreographer, she loves a cheeky bit of Musical Theatre and contemporary, and has enjoyed tackling an array of projects - from choreographing full scale musicals in 10 days with 250 young people, to devising intimate pieces for cabaret troupes at music and theatre festivals. This has helped inform the creative elements of the S.O.W.

In her twenties, Sophie developed her professional experience working for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group, managing theatres in the West End. She has since gone on to work across various industries for a spectrum of companies including OFSTED, Portobello Pictures and Publishing, private investment businesses and Westminster Hall. Her passion is Business Management and Customer Care and when it comes to KaSo Studios and KaSoDance - keeping people happy is top of her list.

KSD Teachers Pic 2017_edited.jpg

Gavin Williams

Gavin brings 20 plus years experience from the corporate sales and business development world to KaSoDance. His knowledge of Online Video streaming fused with Educational software for in classroom and distance learning has enabled the development of KaSoDance to be delivered as an online solution to help all Primary Schools nationwide.

Gavin is also an enthusiastic dancer with Tap being his preference, whilst not ruling out Ballet which helps with his Rugby.

He's the one with the beard and loud trousers - in case you were in ANY doubt?!